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During any construction project, it is crucial that time is managed efficiently, and labour time is not used unnecessarily. An example of this is constantly wheelbarrowing concrete, which can delay the completion of any concrete project, cause inaccuracy, and can quickly cause fatigue for the labourers. Concrete pumping can prevent the need of wheelbarrowing, as it can transport ready-mixed concrete faster than any human pushing a wheelbarrow could, saving labour time, and resulting in better accuracy in your final project.

Concrete pumping is the process of transporting freshly mixed concrete to a specific location on-site with a concrete pump. This could be in a tall building, a below the ground construction project, or simply in a back garden. Whenever a large amount of concrete is required, it is best practice to use a concrete pump. Concrete pumps are attached to trucks for transportation.

Why Choose Us For Concrete Pumping?

Spot On Concrete now provides concrete pumping in Manchester, additionally to the entirety of West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester. As previously mentioned, concrete pumping can accelerate your construction project requiring ready mix concrete and can ensure total accuracy, helping to keep your customers satisfied. Do not hesitate to get in contact and inform us of your requirements for your construction project. If you are unsure about your concrete requirements, feel free to use our concrete calendar.

What are the Benefits of Concrete Pumping?

Besides the already mentioned benefits of concrete pumping, there are many more which can benefit your business or the final outcome of the construction project. One of these is that concrete pumping can deliver high-quality concrete at far lower costs than traditional methods such as wheelbarrowing. Concrete pumping can save you the money that you would have to use to pay multiple labourers over an extended time period. Wheelbarrowing can also lead to spillage of concrete and less accuracy, both of these problems are avoided by using a concrete pumping as it pumps concrete directly to the site where the concrete is required. In many ways, the introduction of concrete pumping has drastically changed the way modern concrete construction is designed and built. This is because concrete pumping causes buildings to be more sturdy, to look better, and to be more accurate to the plans. Concrete pumping and other modern-day technologies are potentially a reason for more modern-looking buildings.

Concrete pumps are also extremely easy to transport, this is why Spot On Concrete have expanded their services to Manchester and Greater Manchester, in areas such as Oldham and Rochdale. If you require concrete pumping for your domestic or commercial construction project in Manchester or West Yorkshire, do not hesitate to get in contact with us with your requirements and we can provide you with a fast and free quote. Once any agreements have been made, we can schedule concrete pumping to take place at the required location promptly.

What are the types of concrete pumps?


Boomless pumps are used to feed concrete to the required location using tubes across the ground. They are mainly used for smaller construction projects where it is difficult to transport concrete, such as gardens that can only be accessed via narrow alleys or a wheelbarrow would not be able to access. The tubes from a boomless pump can travel through small gaps to access the required location and can also deliver the concrete much more accurately than wheelbarrowing and manual placement could. Please do not hesitate to get in contact regarding more information about boomless pumps and the suitability of use for your project.


Boom pumps are used in construction projects where the area concrete is required cannot be located with a boomless pump. These pumps use an extended robotic arm that is remote controlled and can reach up and over large buildings and other obstructions. Boomless pumps are ideal for construction projects where concrete is required on higher ground, such as the top floor of a new office block. The length and agility of the arms allow it to transport concrete safely and quickly to pretty much any location. A boom pump is excellent for new large construction projects and even existing buildings with large obstructions. The concrete pumps at Spot On are also efficient enough to pump the ready mix concrete to the location in a matter of minutes.

In our trucks, the concrete is mixed then dispensed into a hopper on the back of the truck. When the concrete is in the hopper, the concrete is churned to keep it constantly flowing. The concrete is then pulled from the hopper into the pump, where it is then transported down the pump to the desired location, quickly and with high accuracy. Once the final process is complete, ‘reverse pumping’ can sometimes take place, which effectively cleans out the hose after a pour. If you require concrete for a larger construction project with clear obstructions, or the location that concrete is required is at a low depth or a high height, call Spot On Concrete for highly efficient concrete pumping services in Manchester and West Yorkshire.

What Concrete Pumps Are Available at Spot On Concrete?

  • Sermac Zenith 4ZR21 – 4 sections / 21m vertical reach, Sermac Extreme 3Z22 – 3 sections / 22m vertical reach
  • Sermac Extreme 4Z26 – 4 sections / 26m vertical reach, Sermac Extreme 5Z32 – 5 sections / 32m vertical reach X2
  • Sermac Extreme 5Z37 – 5 sections / 37m vertical reach, Sermac Scorpio 5R47 – 5 sections / 47m vertical reach
  • Mecbo AUT P6/24.4 – 4 sections / 26m vertical reach
  • CIFA K41L XRZ – 5 sections / 41m vertical reach



Our ready mix concrete gives us precise control over how much concrete is made for your project. So, how much do you need? The bulk of your concrete will probably be going into a square area, so you calculate how much concrete you need with a few measurements:

When calculating the amount of concrete required, we recommend adding an extra 5-10% onto your total estimate to allow for possible errors as well as spillage or over excavation / uneven surfaces.

Your Measurements…


You will require:

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